About Me

National Board Certified in English Language Arts/Adolescence and Young Adulthood, I have been teaching for 18+ years. I've taught diverse English classes in grades 6 -12 and English electives including Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, Creative Writing, and Journalism. In addition to teaching full-time at a public high school, I have also taught English 101 at the local community college.

Teaching Philosophy

I want my students to be critical thinkers, readers, and writers so they can confidently face the many challenges in our complex society. To help students achieve this goal, I try to make learning relevant and fun, taking into consideration each student's strengths and needs. Many of my lessons feature cooperative learning, differentiation, and address the demands of the Common Core Standard

Just for Fun

In my spare time, I love to read at the beach, hang out with my husband & my dog Buster, and watch football.  

Buster makes it hard to read sometimes, though!

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