Calming the Year End Chaos Tips for Success

As the school year winds down for many teachers and students, I've enjoyed reading suggestions posted on blogs and social media for getting through the final countdown. And I've been GREEN WITH ENVY, too, because I won't be out of school until June 17!  I know that there are a few others who won't be out of school for awhile either.  With that in mind, I'm offering some additional ideas to make the last days go smoothly.

Keep restless students engaged by getting them out of their seats! Carousel activities require students to walk around the room and brainstorm or answer questions on poster paper attached to different areas around the room.
Here is a poster my students used to prepare for their upcoming reading of The Great Gatsby (this could also be completed for post-reading review).

Have students write letters using their persuasive skills. Students use rhetorical appeals to reflect on their performance in your class.  In the past, students have revealed hardships that I may have been unaware of throughout the semester and that I wanted to take into consideration when grading them.  Click here for the FREE resource.

In our school, teachers are required to pack up their entire classrooms, including all of their electronic equipment. This is because our building services workers remove all furniture from the classroom to clean the floors.  In the rush to finish the school year, I've been known to quickly pack without forethought.  Last year, though, I borrowed an idea from a coworker and labeled all of my electrical cords so it would be easier to set up my computer, printer, document camera, etc. It makes set up quicker after hazy summer days at the beach. 

More End of the Year Survival Tips

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