April 2015 Friday Flashback

Oops! March seemed like it would never end, and I accidentally missed the March Friday Flashback. Well, thanks to Julie Faulkner's reminder and inspiration, I've returned for April. Warmer temperatures and longer days have really made this month more pleasant.  Read what has been going on with OCBeachTeacher below!

1.  The Last Tea Party

It finally happened.  The school system has moved the reading of To Kill a Mockingbird to a grade level below my juniors in high school.  Since it is often taught at a younger age, I'm not really surprised, but I will miss teaching it! For the finale of the unit, I assign a character analysis essay and tea party, and I just hosted my last one earlier in April.

2. Boardwalkin' for Pets

At my high school, I sponsor Kids Against Animal Abuse and Testing (K.A.A.A.T.), an after school club in which students do a variety of service projects to support animals. Tomorrow I will meet them at our yearly Boardwalkin' for Pets which supports the local humane society.  Each year we set up a table and provide treats and water for the doggies!  We also held a bake sale to raise money so that we could make a donation to the shelter. My work with this club is very rewarding, and I love working with these compassionate students!

3.  I'm Going to Vegas!

I didn't think that I would be able to manage the expense of a trip to Las Vegas this summer for the TpT conference, but my taxes went better than I thought they would (FYI, you can use office space as a deduction).  I will be headed there alone, so I am a little nervous, but I am really excited to meet the many collaborators that I've met online.  Can't wait to meet you in person, Julie Faulkner, Danielle Knight, Room 213, and The Language Arts Classroom!

4. Sunsets

With longer days, I can now take time to enjoy one of my favorite activities again - watching sunsets.  I took this photo from a favorite restaurant on Easter weekend.

  It also inspired this haiku:

Golden spring sunset
Wondrous sky soothes my soul
Never one the same.

5.  Trashketball Mania

My students just can't seem to get enough trashketball, so I have created new games to teach other concepts besides grammar.  Recently, my students have been analyzing rhetorical appeals in nonfiction texts, and we have just started our argument research essay.  Although I know that my students can use citation machine websites, I still teach them how to create a Works Cited page, so that they can correct the mistakes in the generated citations.  It can be tedious to write citations, so I made a trashketball game for this also.

Well, thanks for stopping by to read about my month.  I hope that you have enjoyed your April, too.  Follow me to read more Friday Flashbacks and other interesting posts in the future! 

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