Teachers, Heart to Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Today I’m joining Julie Faulkner and Lauralee Moss in celebrating Valentine’s Day with a “Heart to Heart” for teachers from teachers! 

Here are a few facts I’ve learned over the years while I’ve been teaching….

1.  No one who isn’t a teacher will completely understand:  They just cannot imagine the innumerable interactions we have with students every day.  Teachers are constantly making decisions with very little time to process and reflect on their choices. For instance, at the beginning of my classes, I will often have at least five students asking me questions at the same time:  “What did I miss yesterday?”  “Can you print my grade?”  “Can I go to the bathroom?”  “Are we going to do anything fun today” “Do I have to work in a group today?”   It is mentally fatiguing but certainly makes us stronger people! 

    2.  Students will take notice:  Do you have bags under your eyes today?  Did you change your hairstyle?  Is your tattoo showing?  No doubt, students will notice! I have a tattoo that I got about 20 years ago in college that is on the inside of my foot.  When I wear sandals, students often notice it.  I’ll be in the middle of teaching a lesson when a student will raise her hand and ask, “What’s that tattoo, Mrs. Patrick?”  This is not want I want to talk about in the middle of my lesson, but I can’t blame them.  I often tell them that it’s a tattoo from college that I probably wouldn’t get again, so they should think carefully and wait until they’re much older before they get one of their own!
A crescent moon and sorority letters on the inside of my foot.  Sorry for the wrinkles!
   3. This job is SO rewarding when students “get it”:  Many school days can feel tedious and our responsibilities can be frustrating, but it’s exhilarating when students get excited about their learning.  Recently, my Advanced Placement Literature students amazed me with their meaningful discussion of Snow Falling on Cedars.  Also, when my students beg to play trashketball or thank me for showing an inspiring TED Talk, it makes this the best job in the world!

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  1. I completely agree with all three of your facts!! Now if I could just get one of those thank yous you mention, life would be grand!

  2. All three things are so right! #1 is especially hard to explain to non-teachers. Thanks for making me smile! :)

  3. I tend to celebrate (in my mind) every little thing possible that my students do well, so I totally get what you are saying. The biggest celebrations are often days with great discussions like you mentioned! How funny!!


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