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Classroom Tip – Handling Student Absence

Most Maryland teachers are back at school, but fortunately I do not return to school until Monday.   Well, as I head back and think about setting up my classroom, I plan to continue some classroom procedures from previous years.

In our school, students frequently miss class for myriad reasons.  Some of their absences are school related, such as field trips, sports, and other activities, but many of them get sick or go on family vacations.  To help students when they return, I have a place in my classroom where they get assignments that they missed. Since they are high school students, it also encourages them to take responsibility for themselves.

On an accessible counter, I stack letter trays that have folders for each day of the week.   In each folder, I put a printed agenda where students can find the objectives, activities, homework, and any handouts from the days that they missed.  I simply put the absent student names on the appropriate handouts in the folder.

The beauty of this procedure is that it saves me from too many interruptions during class.  When a student asks what she missed, I just point to the absence folders.  Of course, this is just one of many procedures that I will be explaining during the first week of school.

To make reviewing classroom expectations and procedures more interesting this year, I’ve created a set of task cards. Great for the first days of school, this activity will engage students and require  them to find answers in their syllabus, handbooks, and other classroom resources. 

Besides helping students review their routines, the Twitter response handout requires students to write concise answers and makes their learning relevant.  For extra fun, students also write #hash tags.  If you’re interested in checking them out, click on this link.

Teachers are always in need of new tips for handling their classroom routines, so I hope you find my absence procedure helpful.  I’ve also created an English textbook scavenger hunt as a freebie gift for your return back to school.  

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  1. Getting organized right off the bat is so important, it looks like you are ready to go!


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