Journal Writing for Women's History Month

Every Monday, I start the school week with journal writing in my American Literature courses. Sometimes the journals are about the American Dream and other times they're connected to our reading.  For March, though, I hope to do a series of journal writing and discussion activities in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Week One

This week I plan to use the YouTube video from a recent Always commercial.

It raises provoking questions such as the following:

· What stereotypes about girls and women does this commercial show?
· Why do the young girls behave differently than the older girls?
· Do boys face stereotypes, too? What are they?

Week Two

The following week, I plan to expand on these ideas by having my students learn about Mo’ne Davis, the 13-year-old baseball superstar who made it onto the cover of “Sports Illustrated.” These days she is playing basketball in high school. Here's an interview with her from ESPN.

The video clip presents insightful quotes that I will ask students to record. Then, I will ask them to explain why they selected specific quotes.

Week Three

Finally, for the last journal in the series I plan to inspire discussion with artist David Lopera’s pictures.  Recently, he has gained attention in the news and on social media by using Photoshop to alter celebrity pictures.  By adding weight to the celebrities’ figures, these photos raise questions about society’s standards for female beauty.  While these pictures may not be appropriate to use with younger students, I think my second semester juniors are mature enough to view them and respond to the questions about female beauty they raise.

I’m really excited to try these journal writing and discussion activities and will let you know how it goes!
  If you have more ideas for these journals, please share them in the comments below.

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